With modern technology, everyone has access to a camera just about all the time. As cell phones continue to improve, the quality of the photos they are able to capture is improving as well. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 85% of all pictures taken today are generated using a cell phone camera. And while using the camera on your smart phone to capture everyday moments works well, a cell phone picture still can’t compete with the experience a photo booth provides at a special event. That experience is the primary reason to have a photo booth at your next event or wedding.

Photo booths have long been about finding a way to create and capture goofy, honest photos that provide a lifetime memory of who we are, who we were with, and what we were doing when using the photo booth. We capture those memories week in and week out. Here are the reasons we believe even a cell phone can’t replace the in-the-moment experience provided by a photo booth at any special event:

Why Rent a Photo Booth?

In the past few years, “selfies” have taken over photography. It is estimated that 93 million selfies are taken each day, with approximately 1/3 of all pictures being taken being a selfie. And teens are among the largest selfie takers – spending nearly an entire week’s worth of time each year in the taking of selfies. And while most selfies are now taken on our cell phones, one of the earliest forms of “selfie” photography was the use of a photo booth. And to this day, the experience you have when using a photo booth with different props, friends, and poses is much more fun (and intentional) than snapping a quick picture, or five, on your cell phone. These photos are candid and unique online a posed selfie.

Photo Booths Create A Lasting Memory That Goes Beyond The Picture

A photo booth has the unique ability to create lasting memories of your special event that go deeper than the picture itself. Using a photo booth is just as much about the experience of using it as it is about the pictures that become the end result. It is both “process” and “product.” Whether you choose our traditional photo booth (which allows your guests the opportunity to create their own poses and show off their own personalities with our props), or you choose our Mirror Me Photo Booth experience (which provides your guests with a completely interactive and customizable experience, from the poses and props or “virtual props” you choose to the photo signatures you can add), every photo booth creates a lasting memory of the experience your guests had during the process of using the booth.

Photo Booths Now Offer Multiple Options For Saving And Sharing Your Photos

We all know the multi-picture photo strip that is synonymous with a photo booth. And while your guests will still receive this instant printout of the sentimental or funny poses they chose, they will also be provided with multiple opportunities to save and share their photos in other ways. Their photos can be reproduced via email, an online gallery, a printed scrapbook for the hosts, or an instant share to social media. All of our photo booths use today’s most up-to-date technology to ensure your guests are provided every opportunity imaginable to save and share their photos.

If you’re interested in renting either our traditional photo booths or the Mirror Me Photo Booth experience for your next special event, contact Spike Events through our online form or by calling us to discuss the personalized entertainment packages we have available. Please call early to ensure you can reserve the date for your next special event before it is booked by someone else.